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Welcome to our News section.
Here you will read interesting feeds, learn about the latest online trending, see the latest Definite Image developments in design and in branding and discover intriguing marketing initiatives.
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  • There is new way to expose your business It is called the Google Business Pages Stand Out. Reach Out. Gain More Clients. Google Business Page Program: Firmly establish priority position for you business on the web.Becoming a part of the Google family provides many added benefits. Majority of your customers use Google to search for new products and services Google business page is the newest […]

  • Share the Love for Multilingualism in Quebec! From our Unity Pin campaign we bring you a new song & Video titled TOGETHER: Share the Love!

  • Have you ever wondered how you can upload multiple files to Pinterest? Well, guess what?,  You’ve got it here!  As you already know, Pinterest has become one of the most leading social channels that many companies use to share their products. At Definite Image, we have done the same; rather than using a photo gallery […]

  • Quick access to dynamic and informative content has always been an essential element when building a website. Navigation styles may vary but, the idea is always to create an index of pages and then place a menu that links to each section separately. Since the beginning of Web design as stated in the Article, A […]

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